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Wonderful vegan chocolate cake!
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Monday, 11-Oct-2004 00:00
A few pics of my birthday party and other things
My birthday isn't until the 13th, but we did my party over the weekend. Thanks to Paul from http://www.cok.net(COK )for the sweatshirt you see here in the pics. He sent me that shirt for my birthday. (Anyone else wanting to see their group memorialized on these photo pages, send me a shirt and I'll wear it in a photo! Great advertising, and I get a free shirt! LOL!) Anyway, I thought I would just post a few more pics today so that you can see a little more of what I have been writing about and doing lately.

I put up a pic of the new pen I built for the boys - thanks Martha for donating the fence to such a worthy cause. The new pen gave them more room and is built better than the old one. It made a big difference for those guys.

I should take this opportunity to let you all know that Blaze, the one with the white streak on his chest, is not with us anymore. We buried him a few days ago, not long after this picture was taken. We still have his brother, Junior, though, and will keep caring for him. He has been getting a lot more attention lately in his grief over the loss of his brother. They had always been together for their whole lives, and he misses him. We miss him, too. It was really quick, and he didn't suffer, though. We were right there with him. He didn't die alone.

Now, on to happier things. Kittens! Now you can see our newest little rescues, Callie and Goldie. You ought to be able to figure out by looking which is which. As Laura's mother says, Goldie is "turning out to be a bit more masculine than we first thought, but we are keeping the name." ;)
She has also nicknamed Callie The Demon Cat from Hell because she is so mean to poor Goldie and attacks everything and everyone! Ha ha ha! But, isn't she cute?! We are having fun having some babies around the place again. After our house is built, we intend to take in a couple of little kitties ourselves. I'm sure we will have no trouble at all finding some that need a good, loving home.

I also included a shot of me and Billye at the Rainforest Cafe. That's a cool place to eat if you find yourself in Nashville. They have the best veggie burger - and it's HUGE! Going there is not just having lunch (or dinner) it's an experience. You just have to go there to understand. It's pretty cool. Thanks, Billye, for taking us to lunch there. We had a great time staying with you and your family.

Well, that's it for today. Have a good one, everyone! :)

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