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Sweet little Annie
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Sweet little Annie

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Friday, 15-Apr-2005 00:00
Newest Rescues
Last week some folks dumped this poor little dog in the woods directly in front of our place. We saw the vehicle stop, but since it was dark, we didn't know at the time what they were doing. Well, we knew a few minutes later when he sat there in the woods crying. We tracked down the sounds by flashlight and discovered him sitting there, hungry. :-(

Annie was found in the middle of the highway recently. We had just passed the truck she fell out of. We pulled over to a screeching halt and blocked traffic both ways until we could gather her up and bring her here to safety. Luckily she wasn't injured too badly - just a little road rash on her legs and a wing. She is doing great now, and I am working hard on building new facilities to put her in along with the two roosters (haven't gotten pics of them yet). Once we finish up the new house and yard area we will be actively trying to find some "spent" hens so that we have the proper ratio of hens to roosters.

Looks like we are becoming a sanctuary whether we want to or not!

Oh well. What else can you do when you see a poor baby chicken on the side of the road that looks as sweet as Annie has proved to be? I wish I could say the same for the crazy roosters that attack us whenever we feed and water them! You ought to see the worst one come running and stomping over at us, acting all mean, jumping up and flogging and trying to spur and peck us whenever we care for them! He actually left a blood blister on my hand one day. Ungrateful is what they are! Ha ha ha! We laugh out loud at them every day. They are so funny. When I get the house and yard finished I will get some pics of them and their new home. Perhaps they will calm down a bit when they get them some women and a little more room. We can hope, can't we?

Thank you to all of those who have sent contributions to help make the new facilities a reality. I could not do as much and take in so many desperate homeless and injured animals without you! We are rapidly working on expanding so that we will always have enough room for more as we find them. We have no room at the moment for more without the expanded houses and yards. We are so worried about that, as there is no way we could just keep on driving if we saw another. We were already so full when these new chickens came that we had to resort to the large cage we use for sick and injured chickens for the roosters and a cat carrier for Annie. We hurriedly fortified an old dog yard for her to be in during the day, but we still bring her inside at night in it to keep her safe and sound. Your continued support is much appreciated as we continue to help those who need us so badly. Again, we definitely couldn't do this without your help. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sure they would thank you too if they could. :)

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