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He put up a bit of a fight, but I caught him without hurting him
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put bit fight but

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Wednesday, 8-Jun-2005 00:00
The roosters are in their new yard - FINALLY!!!!!!!
This post here will be short, as I intend to go into more detail in the http://cyberactivist.blogspot.com/(blog) post about all of this. but I wanted to let you know that, although we now got the yard finished to the point that we could finally move them in there, it is not finished. The windows in the house, directly across from each other to allow for good cross-circulation to combat the heat, will have not only actual windows on hinges in them, but also overhangs over them to prevent rain blowing in when they are open.

The door in the yard where they enter the house I left large on purpose for now. It will also be made smaller before the cooler weather sets in and have an overhang over it if needed, though there
is already an overhang over it from the overhang on the roof. We will just have to see what is needed.

We also intend to add more amenities to the yard and house for them that we haven't gotten to yet, as we were just trying our best to get them into a comfortable yard and house ASAP. As you can see from that one picture showing me catching one of them, where they were was anything but ideal (in fact it actually made us feel pretty guilty about it, to tell you the truth), but it was all we had for them in an emergency situation, and certainly better than leaving them on the side of the road.

You can notice that we left a small ironwood tree growing right in the middle of their yard. That will stay. We also gave them some half-rotten logs to perch/roost/sit on, besides the ones that ring
the yard to keep out predators, that they have been tearing apart to get at the bugs inside them. Before long we will probably have nothing but piles of wood chips in there! Ha ha ha! We will add
some low perches that they can get their big ol' selves on and that are the right circumference(s) to accommodate their feet and exercise their foot muscles. We also intend to build and attach a feeding trough to the house that will be covered by an overhang and will be able to be filled by a chute from outside the yard (a piece of leftover gutter) for the times when we are away because Laura's mother is so terrified of them that she will NOT go into that yard. Same with the water. We will figure out a way for her to be able to refill their water without having to open that door and actually (Eeeek! LOL!) go into the yard. They have settled down a bit now that they have more room and we don't have to squat down to their level to feed and water them, but they still do attack us at times. They did so the day we put them in there, but did not the 2nd and 3rd days when most of the good pics were taken.

Every bit of the building materials, except for the wire and nails, was scavenged, and we reused old lumber (pretty obvious, though, huh?). Even the tin wasn't new and had to be gooed very well to
prevent any leaks. But we managed to get it done. FINALLY!

Our next project (at least as far as the chickens go) now that everyone has temporary facilities that they are comfortable in is to build the huge facility down at the garden. The design we have in
mind will be such a MAJOR improvement over what we have right now for everyone and will allow for a much more natural free-roaming lifestyle. But that is going to take a lot of time and money we
don't have right now. I will explain all of that better later.

Anyway, I know that many of you have been wanting to know about the roosters, as I have been receiving emails from quite a few of you, asking for updates, so now you all know that they are happy and enjoying their new environment. I can hear them crowing right now as I type this. :)

Oh and before I sign off, Annie and Beau are doing beautifully. We built them a new, bigger house yesterday, filled it with fresh straw, and moved them down by Laura's mother's flower garden, where the worst of the ticks are. There is a lot of fresh greenery there, too. They will be moved just a few feet every day to keep progressing along, covering new ground, and eating up the ticks.
They are quite happy, too. Annie has even started laying eggs now.

Oh, and before I forget, we want the members of the groups to help us come up with names for these roosters. We purposely have not done so (using Laura's mother's word for them when referring to them - "the monsters" LOL!), always intending to let the members of the groups decide on names as a fun and interactive exercise. If you are a member of the Care2 group, you can add your suggestion there, and if not, just email it to me. Then we will have a vote in both groups as to what to name them. When you consider what to name them, though, consider the fact
that they really have spirit! Sometimes even fighting spirit. Laura's mother suggested Attila for one, and I can't remember what for the other.

For those who have not joined our sister group and would like to do so to discuss this, here is the link again:

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