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The two of them at our place
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Monday, 12-Sep-2005 00:00
The fostered dogs
For the Sake of Animals, a no-kill shelter in the county next to us (Polk) brought us these dogs yesterday because Animal control would have killed them today. So begins our days of fostering.
We put the only girl (who luckily has already been spayed) and one of the boys in Junior and Blaze's old yard. The other two, Dusty and Sugar Boy (whom Laura's mother named) were put in what used to be Beavis and Taffy's yard.

Once we get them all cleaned up and taken care of, the folks will be back to get them and see about trying to adopt them out. Their last try in our county adopted out 6 dogs and a cat. Not bad, especially once you consider that each and every animal adopted into this community from them is one less animal capable of making more of themselves and thus adding to the overpopulation problem.

When we go out today and spend a little more time with our two we will see if they decide to reveal their names to us. They certainly do need some love - the poor little girl was terrified the most. All of then were quite confused and upset. Dusty has been so stressed that he has come down with that kid of mange that they get when they are treated that way and get too stressed - demodectic mange, I think they said. Anyway, it isn't contagious.

Mainly they just need cleaning up a bit and give a whole lot of love and attention. They brought them to the right place for that, don't you think?

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