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Me giving my talk at the Walk
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Sunday, 16-Oct-2005 00:00
What we did for World Farmed Animals Day
We just did a small vigil here, and although no one stopped to pick up leaflets or talk to us, only one person actually flipped us off, and our presence was noted by all of those passing by. This is the first visible thing we have done locally because for a long time we were worried about how the locals would feel. They still burn people out up here. Not as often as they used to, but there can still be problems if you go against what these people believe is right and normal.

We also attended the Walk for Farmed Animals in Nashville again this year. I did a small talk, as did another local person, then we commenced to walking with our signs along downtown Nashville streets. We all froze our butts off, as it was cloudy, damp, and chilly the whole time, but we did have a good time. And this Walk raised over $3000 for Farm Sanctuary this year, just about doubling what we raised last year. This was also our first time to have our own literature available for people to take home with them. Laura has edited and combined some posts and printed them up on her new printer/copier/fax/scanner she received for her birthday. We used up all of the ink in the cartridges doing it, but it was worth it. As our organizations grows, we will continue to offer such things and more as our budget allows. We would like to progress to bumper stickers and T-shirts at some point for more outreach possibilities. For now, all of the donated money is still going to the animals. The money for the trip and the materials offered this time came out of our own pockets (including those of Laura's mother and grandmother for the gas in getting to TN and back, which we are very thankful of). You can see the size of the group that attended this year, along with a smaller cropped version of that same picture that zeroes in on Laura, me, Laura's mother, and Billye Thompson kneeling down in the middle. She is the one who organized the event again this year, and we stayed with her mother. Another wonderful person! Saw some old faces and some new ones. All in all, it was a great, if tiring and painful, trip. and we got to shop at Wild Oats again! Always a major treat!

Also, we were lucky enough to tag along with Billye to http://www.9sites.com/[/url(Shepherd's Green pig sanctuary), where she was getting an interview and some footage for her new TV show, called Animal TV, that will be broadcast in Nashville on the community broadcast channel (and yes, some episodes will feature yours truly). It was a lot of fun, seeing and petting all of those pigs. They have over 200 pigs there of all kinds. They do a wonderful job of trying to make the pigs' lives as natural as possible. Of course, they spay and neuter each one, as they don't wish to breed even more when people are still out there buying cute little pigs and then abandoning them after they have lost their novelty, gotten too big, or whatever. They even had a wild pig there. Brought back memories of my childhood days when I used to hunt those and when we raised others for meat. I am glad I have a much different relationship with pigs now. I could no more eat them now than I could one of our chickens, cats, or dogs.

The foster dogs are doing fine and getting better under our care. Some are fully rehabbed and just awaiting their neutering to be placed in good homes.

Meanwhile, we just continue to plug along and do our work.

Thank you to all that have supported us in the past, present, and those who will do so in the future. without your help, we could not do what we do and help so many.

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