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Sophia nursing puppies
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Sophia nursing puppies

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Thursday, 2-Mar-2006 02:21
Pictures of Sophia's puppies
We were finally able to take some pictures of the puppies Sophia had now that we moved them outside. They were born 2-2-06. Their story is on http://cyberactivist.blogspot.com/(my blog), the latest version of which is found http://cyberactivist.blogspot.com/2006/03/our-babies-update.html(here). We have had our share of troubles raising these puppies, as their mother started drying up early and refusing to feed them. We have been bottle-feeding some, while teaching the rest to go ahead and accept a soupy paste of solid puppy food mixed with puppy formula.

Sophia quit feeding them a bit early, when they were not quite three weeks old, but we have managed, including getting up at all times of the night to feed, especially bottle-feed the littlest one who would not accept the paste as the others did. At first, it was two of them doing this, but finally we got one of them to do it, and now, as of today, the other little one is officially off the bottle. Anyway, Sophia, the mother, will occasionally allow them to suckle, but she just doesn't produce enough milk to satisfy these hungry puppies.

Anyway, now that we have them moved outside where there is enough light for a picture, you can finally see them, just as you can see what I meant in my last post about them looking like hunting dogs and attracting hunters. Goodness knows, we don't want that! The dogs of hunters are some of the worst-treated dogs around here, just as I described in my last post.

Moral of this story - PLEASE spay/neuter your animals, and IF you find yourself forced to hand your animal(s) over to a rescue group, please do not LIE! about whether or not the animal(s) was fixed. All of the three males who came with her were fixed at the same time and given their rabies shots, and we could have just was easily packed her up and gotten her fixed as well IF we had known the TRUTH!

***A note to veterinarians: - we are trying to get vets to comply with putting a small tattoo on the female because of the fact that the scar fades so quickly. If this had been done by all area vets, who have not universally accepted doing this (even our vet doesn't do this - in fact, when we first told the rescue group of the puppies, we asked them why it was not discovered that she was not spayed before bringing her out here and putting her with intact male dogs until we could get them neutered) as we have been pushing for for years, we also would have known that Sophia was not fixed. PLEASE try and help the rescue community by putting a small tattoo there whenever you spay a female. And, activists, please inform your vets of this practice and insist on this being done to ALL spayed females! Goodness knows how many unwanted puppies may not be brought into the world and face uncertain fates as these will. Thanks!

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